10 Types Of Students In The Classroom

Meet your classmates!

Being student is one of the greatest moments or parts in our life we surely treasure for our entire life. This is when we discover how really hard to wake up early in the morning rushing doing everything we must before going to school. This is when we experience having swollen-look-like eyes because of staying late at night reading our lessons for the next day.

But in spite of those unpleasant but not obviously rewarding incident during our student life, we also lived through on the pleasure part of being student. Meeting our first crush. Gaining the “yes” of our first

love. Stomping our feet on the dance floor during the Junior and Senior Promenade. Tumbling at the street when we got drunk.

Those were some part of our memorable school days when we had once been a student. And the rest, we encountered those by just sitting in our desks inside the classroom. One of the undeniable factual memories was meeting the different kinds or types of classmates.

 Our classmates are indeed full of variation that we sometimes agree on them and sometimes we get rid of them which show our disagreement with their type. Below are some of the types of classmates we had encountered during our school days which are also the type of students whose our teachers before were dealing with.

1. The Nerds

            These types of students are usually the type we want to sit with during examinations because they know all about the lesson. They are the kind of students who always listen to the teacher during discussions. They carry many books with them. They spend their leisure time not on the park but in the library. During the end of the day, they do not stop by at the internet café to play video games but their path is straight to the home to make their assignments. During quiz contests, they are usually the participants. They undoubtedly secure their position in the top 10 of the class at the end of the school year. In short they are studious.

2. The Jokers

            These are the types of the students you want to be with during breakups. They comfort you with their comical opinions about your relationships. These are the type of students which you laugh even to their simple movements. These are the students who usually crack jokes during a serious discussion. Even a simple sound they made, everyone will cry because of too much laughter they brought inside the classroom.

3. The Celebrities

            These are the type of the students who are well-known not only inside the classroom but also school-wide. Everywhere they go, someone will say “hi” to them. Every section of every grade, their names is bannered. During school election, they tend to win all the position because of their popularity.

4. The Heartthrobs and Beauties

            With their simple smiles, you will surely attracted and fall in love. These are the types of the students who are usually nominated in the classroom to participate in school pageant. Within their bags are not books but rather cosmetics. They are the face of fashion inside the classroom. They always make sure of themselves that they are in with the current fashion. When asked by the teacher, smile is the best answer.

5. The Richy-Techy

            Tablets, iPhones, iPad, PS Vita, PSP, Laptop. Those are the

usual things in their bags. With that, they are obviously the rich in the classroom. During leisure time, if not browsing the internet, they play games or listening to music. These are the type of students who prefer to be alone with their gadgets. You cannot talk to them unless you are updated with the hottest video games. When asked by teachers, just frown to get along.

6. The Gangster

            Big, tall, fear-looking. Those are what they look like. Commonly popular as the “bully”. They spend their time tickling their classmates, throwing paper on their classmates’ back. They use their big feature to settle things with the small ones.

7. The Nomads

            These are the type of students who bear minimal identity in class. They are the students who just sit in the corner of the classroom. They just go with the flow.

8. The Newscasters

            The information-updated type students. Information about the newest breakup, about the newest love team and information about personal things of the class are the unique possession of these types of students. They do not allow themselves to be last when it comes to gossip.

9. The Varsities

            Balls, jerseys, rubber shoes. Those are the things which occupy these students’ bags. After class, go straight to practice. They are the students who only think of nothing but sports.

10. The Sidekicks

            Every leader of the class require right hand person on their side. We always see them going along with the most known nerd, celebrity, joker, varsity, newscaster, richy-techy, nomad, heartthrob/beauty. They are not placed last on their group and also they are not the first. We may level them as the apprentice of the leaders.

Having aware of those kinds of classmates we had or not, our life as students had been filled with different color as we met them. And also, with those types of students that our teachers handled, it had surely put another strand of age in their forehead as they deal with the demeanor caused by the variety of students in the classroom. However, no matter what type of students you belong, being merely as students is already great for our life during school days. 

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